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Climate change is real, it’s quantifiable, and it’s scary. That’s not me hyping this up. If you don’t believe me take a good read at this latest climate change report which is being heralded as complete fact. The unfortunate forest fire in Portugal recently is attributed to the hottest June we have had on record in years. This is by no mistake and completely design that the planet is getting hotter an we are the reason for it.

We simply aren’t doing enough to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burn’t and thats why we are pushing new electric cars to people in London. Wow your thinking, did he really just write that? Yeah I did and I am not about to hide away from it either. I sell electric cars because I can’t think of a better way of making a living and massively improving the amount of carbon that is produced in London. Every time I sell a car, not only do I pat myself on the back for cleaning up London, I make hard cash for it as well. If your into environment protection like me then you’re probably now thinking “wow dream job!”. It is. I love what I do and I love that I can help people to save money and improve their own lives as well.

Do you think I am not for real. Well take a look at some other work we do. We are pushing home insulation, and we don’t even get paid for that and it takes considerable time and expense. If you buy an electric vehicle through me, you save the environment pollution, you cut carbon emissions, you save yourself money, and provide me with income that I live on and then use to further environment change through homes in London. If you think you can help me spread the word, or join our team in cleaning up the planet and stopping climate change, feel free to send me a quick email on the contact us page. The average person is making around twenty tonnes of carbon a year. That is a serious amount I am sure you’d agree. Imagine the benefits to the environment and the reduction in climate change if all the vehicles in London are electric powered. Imagine that our homes can be heated this way as well. It would be life changing, literally. That is a future I am for. It’s not surprising I feel this way. In the news this week it’s been highlighted that more ice caps are about to go and the damage to the environment, well it could be extinction soon for polar bears. This is getting really serious at a pace we can’t comprehend because we left it far too late.


Whilst I believe carbon offset programmes have their place, there is no better substitute for a home to considerably reduce the amount of carbon they make at home and in the car. Let’s take heating for example, by carrying out all the insulation that is reasonably priced the amount of energy required is nearly cut in half. Imagine if we could reduce three or four tonnes of carbon per person, just because we correctly insulated our homes rather than turn heating up.

This is the realist we face with climate change, large corporations are helping us to be wasteful and fortunately the trend is on the change. For example Elon Musk has made it his personal mission to save Earth. He may not have said that, but I believe it. The policy of installing solar roofing, then creating electric cars to power the excess makes us carbon neutral almost. This is breakthrough stuff. His range of solar powered cars are quite incredible and the performance will leave you dazzled.


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