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I have to admit this guy is right on the money, literally, I mean his company has a cash cap to match ford but he’s making like a tiny fraction of the cars they are. Want to know why? These old dinosaur car companies are on the verge of over with electricity taking over. See it’s not just oil giants that want electric cars to stay off the scene, it’s crippling old oil guzzling GM type businesses as well. What on Earth will they do when an electric car looks like a petrol car, and they perform as well, and they are about twenty percent of the cost to run? Well they will be over, and that is why with a tiny percentage of the market share, Tesla company is as cash rich as Ford. You know what that tells me. It’s over for petrol and I am grateful to say it. GM need to get relevant to keep up or face extinction, like the dinosaurs. It’s too late in the day to still be using fossil fuel driven engines, I don’t know if many people are left who wouldn’t consider electric now. You can now literally run your car off the solar power created on top of your own home roof. It strikes me that with all the insulation work going on in the homes nowadays to protect valuable energy, that people are wiser than ever. I don’t know many people who haven’t insulated lofts, filled cavity walls, or double glazed their sash windows in London.


Up Market Tesla Car

The climate is in big trouble as a result of these greedy car companies. I know this isn’t or wasn’t their fault to start off with as this was modern tech. The tech now available dictates that we could be using environmentally friendly electric cars, however they are still mass manufacturing petrol and diesel engine powered cars. Ultimately though fossil fuel will run out and in the process a new generation of Tesla cars will be born. VW recently mocked Tesla stating their ability to mass produce will run Tesla in to the ground. I find that laughable though because Tesla is already manufacturing and any opportunity to push them out the market long gone, in reality it’s VW who need to be worried because of their lies over carbon emissions. The truth is they should not even be operating right now. The liars should be in prison. Luckily they are too big to fail. Too many jobs are created by them and so the government can merely slap out fines. How wonderful it must be to be above the law and answerable to no one.

So back to the Tesla electric car. The launch of the $35,000 Model 3 this month is going to be a massive hit and these guys just can’t make them fast enough. They have a 400,000 pre order and the sales are set to keep on going. At $35,000 there is a great deal of room to save money. If we take a look at the figures you’ll see that fuel savings are unbelievable. If we look at it’s stats for a minute you might be blown away. The car reaches 60mph in under 6 seconds, it’s five seats, and a 200 mile plus range. The car already features auto pilot and the car has achieved a five star safety rating already. This is a car in it’s infancy. They are only going to get better and it might well be the dawn of the greatest change to man kind since the industrial revolution. Even with the oil market shot to pieces right now the electric will still be as much as 50% cheaper. Oil can’t even operate at these lows sustainably so it’s only going to continue to get better and better for Elon and his electric car.


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