sash window draught proofing project London

Sash window draught proofing London project is design to lower carbon footprints, and decrease the requirement of solid fuel on the environment. By improving home insulation via sash window draught proofing, it is expected that we will be able to reduce our reliance on coal and oil to manufacture our electricity, thus reducing the burden on our current solar energy output.

Recent studies suggest global warming is at an all time critical level, and is a direct result of our carbon footprint. Global warming is now being blamed for horrendous incidents in London and sash window draught proofing London project might be the first steps people can take in order to help. Lower carbon footprints, mean less global warming, and less requirement for more fossil fuels. Sash window draught proofing is cost effective in London as there are many companies that specialise in this specific service. Typically a window can cost less than £200 to draught proof and will save that much in carbon in less than five years according to Energy Saving Trust.

Sash window draught proofing London companies will offer a free on site inspection and full survey with written quotation. It’s worth checking with the council to see what energy incentives are available to subsidise the costs of sash window draught proofing, as this is a recognised carbon lowering project. The cost in some cases can be free, depending on postcode and the expected savings that result from having sash window draught proofing.

The draught proofing system is a series of draught seals that are rebated and installed into the original sash. In most cases these draught seals are hidden and not visible unless you open your window. This makes the service ideal for owners of listed and conservation properties who normally don’t have a great deal of options in terms of low carbon energy upgrades. London is fast adapting to the changing climate, and councils fully appreciate the need for sash window draught proofing London projects from private contractors. Take advantage today and visit the government website for subsidies and benefits that may be applicable to you.


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