About Us

lowcarbonlondonevproject.co.uk are a company committed to improving the environment drastically reducing the speed of climate change. We can’t do it on our own we really need your help. The only way London will stop polluting is when the average home, just like yours, says “NO we will not be apart of climate change anymore”. You actively some to us for an electric vehicle, you insulate your home, then you look for renewable energy sources that will devastate large oil companies and force them to invest in renewable energy instead.

If no ones using fossil fuels the large oil has no choice but to follow us rather than lead, if they ever want a shot at leading again that is.

We honestly believe that together we can make the world a better place. The effects of not making a difference now will ring into the next century. We will not have anywhere near the diversity of wildlife and it’s a statistical fact that for all survival sake, the more diverse the species, the greater likelihood of survival. It’s a well known and accepted fact that we have caused the beginnings of the 6th mass extinction. In case your not aware, this is 6 times in the Earths history that a massive percentage of species will die. The shocking thing is the speed at which we have caused this. In just a short two hundred years we’ve caused this effect whereas in all other instances the process took millions of years. Scary huh? We intend to stop it and we need you.

We believe the commitment to the environment is more important than business itself and that is why as well as selling our electric cars with finance programmes, we spare as much time as we can to alternative energy technology saving and renewable sources. there must always be some give with take. We are fortunate to have the backing of many as we are looking to improve the environment and we believe in sharing this good fortune so that the planet may prosper.

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